IFM & IFM Steering Committee

International ForgeMasters Meeting (IFM), founded in 1954, has been held every 3 years, and was taken place by national industrial association and related heavy forging companies in the world. The participants are mainly from Europe, America, South America and Asia countries and regions. Its topics are including technology, process, equipment, market, materials, administrative & management, and all matters related to the open-die forging/heavy forging industry and companies.


IFM Steering Committee, supervising the IFM event, is an International Organization. The memberships are from the organization and company of the country with a developed/strong heavy forging industry. Up to now, its member is from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, UK, USA and China


Short Cut Year Country City
FM 1954 UK London
JIDLGF 1963 France Creusot
IFC 1965 Germany Berlin
IFC 1967 UK Sheffield
IFC 1970 Italy Terni
IFM 1972 USA Cherry Hill
IFC 1975 France Paris
IFM 1977 Japan Kyoto
IFM 1981 Germany Düsseldorf
IFC 1985 UK Sheffield
IFM 1991 Italy Terni
IFM 1994 USA Chicago
IFM 1997 Korea Pusan
IFM 2000 Germany Wiesbaden
IFM 2003 Japan Kobe
IFM 2006 UK Sheffield
IFM 2008 Spain Santander
IFM 2011 USA Pittsburgh
IFM 2014 Japan Tokyo
IFM 2017 Austria Graz
IFM 2020 China Chengdu


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