Exposition-Table Top Display

September 10-13, 2021

An Exposition – Table Top Display, being part of the IFM 2020, will be held on the 21st International ForgeMasters Meeting. Exhibits will cover the open-die forging (heavy forging) products, equipment, materials, auxiliary equipment and related services or items, etc.

Welcome forgers, equipment manufacturers and companies or institutes/colleges & universities related to forging production to participate actively. As the stand is limited, we hope that exhibitors will only display your products or services with pictures and leaflets, of course the small models or forgings are accepted.

Please note that only registered delegate could have the exhibition qualification.


STANDARD STAND: 2m×2m with Price of RMB 39,500.00, Price includes

-Space fee.

- Stand designing, manufacturing, construction and removal.

- Display panel developing and arrangement (the content, including picture and information for panel, should be supplied and the design of panel will be checked and confirmed by exhibitor.)

- One desk and four chairs.


Space Rental: The Raw Space could be available, RMB 8,500.00 per square meter. One exhibitor could rent, no more than 20 square meters, the space such respectively as 3m×2m, 3m×4m, 4m×4m and 4m×5m. Exhibitor has to build and remove the stand by himself according to the < Exhibitor Mnaual > issued separately later.


Service Options:


The Organizer will distribute not less than 5000 Expo-Catalog, include:

- Company, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail.

- Introduction on exhibits and services (within 300 words)

The Expo-Catalog will distribute not only to the delegates in the Congress, but also to the professional audience in the MetalForm China 2021, held by Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry.



Welcome exhibitors place the advertisement in the < Expo-Catalog >; please refer to the< Reply Form> for the detailed information.



(1) Please remit the Stand Cost and Advertisement Fee to:

Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry,

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,

Beijing Municipal Branch,

Wang Fu Jing Sub-Branch Office,

No. 237 Wang Fu Jing Street,

Dong Cheng District, Beijing 10006, P.R.China

Account No.: 0200 0007 0901 4447 466


(2) Effect after payment. Please note that no-refund after effecting.

(3) The Payment before Jan. 31, 2021, 20% discount of stand cost will be available.

(4) The exhibition hall layout will be planed upon hall size, No. of exhibitor, exhibits request and arrangement of Meeting coffee break.

(5) The exhibition hall layout will be provided in December 2020, and the exhibitors can confirm his locations according to the order of payment.

(6) Exhibitors must provide related materials and assistance on time according to the Organizer request and bear all the consequences due to the time delay on own reason.

(7) All cost and fee, including VAT for Small Scale, is calculated based on RMB. VAT invoice will be available.

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