Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The 21st International Forgemasters Meeting will be held in September 10-16, 2021, in Chengdu, China. With my great kindness invitation, I warmly welcome your Excellency to the event which, it is sure, will have a great impact on the development of the global open-die forging/heavy forging industry.

Forging is one of the oldest steel manufacturing techniques. In today's era of informationization and the pursuit of intelligence, forging is being ignored. Some people, with a deep understanding of the great role of forging in social progress, have begun to actively explore and forge ahead, but more people have left. Many younger generations are reluctant to join the industry because they know that to be a good forging expert requires a long period of hard work, and the forging industry faces the biggest talent shortage challenge.

For the foreseeable social development, forging is still a very important driving technology. Compared with more than a decade ago, society and users put forward very strict quality and price requirements for forgings. While providing high quality and high performance forgings, the forger is under tremendous downward pressure on prices.

From the current development perspective, close cooperation between forger and customers has become increasingly important. The adoption of new designing tools, the use of new management methods, and the appropriate new equipment and forging technology have become the target of many forgers.

As we all know, China has achieved remarkable developments since the 1970s. After nearly forty years, especially in the past two decades, the Chinese forging industry has undergone tremendous changes. China's forging industry has become an important member of the world's forging team. Many friends at home and abroad are paying attention to and studying China's amazing achievements. Our peers are also trying to explore and find similar experiences and problems in the development of China's forging industry. The 21st International Forgemasters Meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for people, especially those in the forging industry. While sharing experiences, participants will discuss the future of the world's forging industry.

Dear forging friends, we will do our best to prepare and hold the 21st International Forgemasters Meeting, but success will definitely be inseparable from your participation. We look forward to meeting you at the IFM2020 and welcome you to join us.

Thanks & Regards

Jie Yan

Chairman, 21st International Forgemasters Meeting

Vice President, Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

The International Forging Congress will be held in China again after 18 years. It is not only an event in China, but also in global forging industry.

In recent 18 years, the great changes have been taken place in the world’s forging industry, and significant progress also has been achieved in Chinese forging industry. Chinese forging industry has more and more international influence. It is earnestly hoped that the event will show best the current situation, and more effectively promote the communication and cooperation between China and abroad.

There are many my old friends in the world’s forging industry, in whose, of course, is there somebody surely participated in 16th International Forging Congress held in Beijing. I sincerely welcome you to China again to take part in 22nd International Forging Congress, which will display our achievements and your expectation. It is sure there are many new friends and colleagues in global forging industry, I also warmly welcome you come to China to join us, and we have carefully made a plan with lot of preparations for display current and future, and I promise it will be a worthy trip.

My dear Friends and Collogues, a new era is now downing upon us, with Cyber-Physical Systems (IOT) and Big Data playing a more and more important role. Please let us strength our exchange and co-investigation, and do our act together to find the future way leading us to be strong.

Sincerely yours,

Zhang Jin

Executive Chaireman, 22nd International Forging Congress

General Secretary, Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry


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