Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry (CCMI) is a unique national organization in Chinese forging, stamping/pressing and fabricating industries. Its membership consists of forging, stamping/pressing and fabricating enterprises, research and project planning institutes, as well as universities, metal forming equipment manufacturers, material suppliers and other enterprises or organizations related to the metal forming field.


CCMI is an organization concerning the forging,
stamping and fabricating industry, Its branches are as follow:

  • China Forging Industry Association (CFIA)
  • China Sheet-metal Forming Group (CSFG)
  • China Metal Fabricating Group (CMFG)
  • China Cold Forming Group (CCFG)
  • Aeronautical Materials Forming Group (AMFG)
  • China Container Head Group (CCHG)


The companies owned by CCMI are as follow:

  • Fukin Technologies Services(Beijing)
  • Form Press, Inc.


The Secretariat of CCMI has the following Departments:

  • MetalForm China Division (MFCD)
  • Conference Department
  • Lab for Forging and Metalforming Industry
  • Training Service Center
  • Brain-Storm Expert Service Center
  • China Forge and Metalform Net
  • Administrative and International Department
  • Affairs Department
  • Financial Department


The Divisions concerning special topics are as:

  • Fine Blanking Division
  • Tooling & Die Division
  • Automotive Forging Division
  • Railway and Locomotive Forging Division
  • Industrial Furnace Division
  • Engine Con-Rod Division
  • High Speed Stamping Division
  • Ring Forming Division
  • Forging Billet Preparation Division
  • Standard Committee
  • HeavyForge Council
  • Metalforming Equipment Informatization Committee


Objectives and Functions

The obkectoves and functions of CCMI are to promote metal forming industry progress and prosperity, and to serve the common interest of the forging, stamping/pressing and fabricating industry. CCMI provides the consulting services in technology and business, and holds international and domestic exhibition and conference and benchmarking. CCMI also publishes the community standards concerning trade, process, equipment and safety in the metal forming industry, organizes and carries out the investigation or research of metal forming industry to assist our memberships and fellows doing business and the government working out an industrial policy. CCMI also organizes the training of technology and business operation.


Service to Government

  • Submit to the Government for approval economic and technicalpolicy recommendations which may stimulate prosperity ofthe forging, stamping and fabricating industry.
  • Accomplish the tasks entrusted by the Government.
  • Assist forging, stamping and fabricating plants to implementnational standards, regulations and to compile tradestandards and regulations.
  • Survey of the industry.

    Information Service

  • Provides information on Government policies, economics, technology, equipment, supplies, costing and trade.
  • Publishes the magazine and newsletter, etc.
  • Supplies the services to membership through internet.
  • Sets up industry statistics, forging, stamping and fabricating data bank.
  • Edits and publish information on the website such as Forging & Metalforming
  • Technical Document Edited and Published-;
  • Study on Forging & Metalforming-Reports;

    Engineering Service and Consultation

    • Offers engineering service and consultancy work upon request.
    • Education and training.
    • Introduces the technologies and equipment to memberships.
    • Market, technology survey and study, evaluation of products and technology for memberships.
    • Yadao Education & Training Net_;


    International Relations and Cooperation

    • Holds international conferences.
    • Hosts benchmarking tours and technical exchange.
    • Participates in the exhibitions held overseas.
    • Promotes international trade and cooperation.
    • Organizes international exhibition.



    SepDay, an Event or Feast, was established by CCMI (Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry) in 2016 to commemorate forging, stamping (pressing) and fabricating (sheetmetal) industry, and held once a year in China. It is a very important and the only major gathering of professionals, business managers and industry information in China.
    In SepDay, you will find MetalForm China Exhibition and Conferences are focusing on forging, stamping (pressing) and fabricating (sheet metal) technology, equipment and management experience etc.


    Our Idea

    Strengthen the Exchanges and Communication


    Our Philosophy

    For our common vision and bright future, help those who need help, do what we need to do.


    Our Belief

    Take on the responsibilities such as social, membership, unit, collective and individual! We should persist in reform, development, openness, people-oriented and harmonious work.


    What We Are

    We do our best to have services to our industry based on our caritas, responsibility, healthy body, intelligent mind, strong will, rich knowledge, effective skills and timely ideals.
    We insist integrity and kindness, competition and enterprising, responsibility and realism, as well as unity and vigorous, also emphasis on the quality of decisiveness and responsibility in work. When encountering problems, we should first find out the reasons and solution in ourselves, introspect more and complain less. We must emphasis on efficiency and selfrestraint in our work and obey discipline and pay attention to public morality at any time.


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